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As mentioned last week, I’ve just published my revised version of The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, and it’s available from Amazon.com for just $9.95 (or alternatively, Amazon UK for £7.99). As many of you know, I first published a guide to the sequel to The Da Vinci Code five years ago, in 2004. Much of what I predicted to be in The Lost Symbol turned out to be spot-on, so a number of chapters have just been reworked a little, while there are completely new chapters on Noetic Science (the inclusion of which surprised me somewhat), the ‘Lost Word’, and the cipher techniques discussed and utilised by Dan Brown. So, as a heads-up: if you bought the original guide you will not get a lot of extra material if you buy the updated version. If you don’t have it though, there’s plenty of fun and informative reading in there which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

I posted a chapter excerpt last week here on the Grail, titled “Dan Brown and the Lost Word“. Over at The Cryptex you can also read a full chapter on the sacred landscape of Washington, D.C. in its original format as a PDF download (see the link in the left-hand column at the site). For the full rundown on the impact of Masonry on the Founding Fathers, the hidden history of America, the sacred landscape of Washington, D.C., Noetic Science, and the secret traditions which are at the heart of Robert Langdon’s journey in The Lost Symbol, pick up a copy of the book. Or the Baby Jesus will cry: