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A New Arcadia

One of my favourite websites, Andrew Gough’s Arcadia, has had a major redesign and now goes to 11 on the purtiness dial. Created by our good buddy Mark James Foster, the new site design provides a perfect backdrop for the articles that you can find there. Here’s what Andrew has to say about the new look:

I love the notion of Arcadia; a paradise or golden age lost in antiquity, preserved in mythology, and commemorated by countless generations. In harmony with this theme, I’ve chosen the motif of a bee entering a hive – brilliantly designed by Mark Foster – as a symbol of an initiate’s immersion in knowledge, for this is what a beehive represents, esoterically; the collective wisdom of the ages.

Arcadia provides a perspective on history’s mysteries. And while it features my writing, research and insights, it also showcases the new and fascinating ideas of others, both in the Forum and in Guest Articles. Want to share your work? Well then, this is your chance.

Welcome to Arcadia. Now that you’ve entered the hive, isn’t it time you immersed yourself in the mysteries?

There are some great articles and interviews on Arcadia worth reading (if you haven’t already), so give the website a thorough look when you get the chance. The Arcadia forum is also a good place to hang out and discuss things, if histories mysteries are your thing.