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I’m very pleased to announce that the latest instalment of our Fortean anthology series, Darklore Volume 4, is now available for sale! Here’s the links to purchase from Amazon:

Limited Edition Hardcover (333 copies): Amazon US or Amazon UK

Paperback: Amazon US or Amazon UK

Here’s a sampling of the content in the latest release:

  • Greg Taylor looks back on the mythical context of the ‘American Stonehenge’, the Georgia Guidestones.
  • Robert Bauval surveys the sacred landscape of Ancient Egypt.
  • Blair MacKenzie Blake suggests a shocking new theory on the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau.
  • Richard Freeman goes in search of Japanese monsters.
  • Nick Redfern reveals the government files investigating animal E.S.P.
  • Filip Coppens takes you on a tour of that most ancient of sites, Gรถbekli Tepe.
  • Neil Arnold traces the Chupacabras bloodline in ‘The Goatsucker Family Tree’.
  • The Emperor digs deep into the history of the Flying Saucerers.
  • Robert Schoch wonders whether psi was used to incite a revolution in Romania.
  • Much more besides, with contributions from Mike Tymn, Nigel Watson, Greg McQueen, John Higgs, Theo Paijmans and John Reppion.

Sample articles from Volume 4 will be available from the Darklore website later in the week. Enjoy!!