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Cryptozoology Museum to Open

Famous cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has today announced that the International Cryptozoology Museum will publicly open in a permanent space in downtown Portland, Maine on November 1 this year:

I am extremely proud to announce the formal unveiling of the public museum in tourist- and education-friendly Portland, Maine, housing five decades of cryptozoological pieces, with regular hours (11 am – 7 pm Tuesdays – Saturdays, Noon – 5 pm Sundays). The price of admission to view the gallery cryptozoology museum space, for all ages, will be $5.00, plus any other donations you might wish to leave.

One newsperson wrote in 2003: “The risky venture cost Coleman half of his retirement fund, but he expects it to pay off through the sharing of information.” (As it turns out, most of my small professor retirement fund is now gone, used to keep the museum alive to this point.)

So, now the serious business begins, with rents and electricity to pay, costs of moving the exhibition downtown, and much more to deal with, of course. Your assistance has never been more important. If you can donate, please do, below.

Donation details are via the link to Cryptomundo; please chip in if it’s within your means to help Loren with the Museum.

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