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Buckle Your Seatbelt Dorothy

** Important Note **

Due to a severe lack of time lately, I’m having real trouble in finishing the complete package of the ‘new Daily Grail’ that I’ve been working on. This has been frustrating, as a number of facets of the site are in need of the upgrade and can’t really wait for me to finish everything. As such, I’ve made an executive decision to do the changeover to the new backend anyhow, and I’ll do the rest of the changes in rolling upgrades as time allows.

So, tomorrow, the Daily Grail will be down for a good portion of the day as it will be being torn down and built back up from the foundations. When it comes back up, it will look different. Don’t panic, it will all be logical to navigate, and there will be information on the changes. Also, don’t assume that it is the ‘final look’ and functionality of the site – as mentioned, there will be rolling upgrades over time which will enhance it further. Lastly, if the new look bothers you, please just bear with it until I get the alternate themes for the site finished (again, as time allows) – one of which I’m hoping will be very similar to the current theme. I realise not everyone will be happy, that’s a given (there are plenty of people who don’t like the current look either) – but I am intent on offering various color options to try and keep most punters happy. Before emailing/flaming me, please take into consideration that this is not a wage-earning job for me, so I just can’t commit full-time to having everything perfect from day dot.

If things do go pear-shaped during the upgrade, I will be giving updates via Twitter, so check there if you have any concerns or need to contact me.

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