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Apologies for the slowness of updates to the site lately, I’m rather snowed under with various projects. To try and help with the pace of the site, I am now allowing anonymous commenting here on the Daily Grail. I think the new spam protection system should be able to handle things better than in the past, so it’s worth giving it a try as I know a lot of readers still aren’t members, but might have something interesting to say. The new system hopefully will allow for more opinions to be heard here at TDG.

Note that one of the reasons we stopped allowing anonymous commenting in the past though, was that people would post abusive messages without signing their name to the post. I would urge any anonymous commenters to at least sign off at the bottom of their message with their name or handle, so that conversations can be tracked better (and because it’s just polite). If anonymous commenting is abused or impacts negatively on the site, I will remove that function again.

While I’m allowing anonymous comments, I would urge regular readers to become members. As I get time to work further on the new site design, being a member will allow far more personalisation options, and have additional benefits. It’s free, and email addresses aren’t used for any purpose except for password retrieval, so there’s not really a reason not log in under a regular username.