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Anonymous Commenting

Apologies for the slowness of updates to the site lately, I’m rather snowed under with various projects. To try and help with the pace of the site, I am now allowing anonymous commenting here on the Daily Grail. I think the new spam protection system should be able to handle things better than in the past, so it’s worth giving it a try as I know a lot of readers still aren’t members, but might have something interesting to say. The new system hopefully will allow for more opinions to be heard here at TDG.

Note that one of the reasons we stopped allowing anonymous commenting in the past though, was that people would post abusive messages without signing their name to the post. I would urge any anonymous commenters to at least sign off at the bottom of their message with their name or handle, so that conversations can be tracked better (and because it’s just polite). If anonymous commenting is abused or impacts negatively on the site, I will remove that function again.

While I’m allowing anonymous comments, I would urge regular readers to become members. As I get time to work further on the new site design, being a member will allow far more personalisation options, and have additional benefits. It’s free, and email addresses aren’t used for any purpose except for password retrieval, so there’s not really a reason not log in under a regular username.

    1. What a Scary Thought
      Being a big fan of DG for some years I must compliment Greg on the new look site. I’ve just started to read with interest the forum section over the last few days. Today I read Greg’s column commenting that the posting’s will now go unsupervised. As a result I’ve read a couple of them this morning out of curiosity to see if there where any changes at all. Several things came to mind almost immediately. It’s almost as if handful legumes have suddenly awoken and attacked this site. Now you can see what happens when you let the children go out to play without supervision. We may have to ask that the ABC Learning Centres get some urgent government funding to make up the deficit in this area. Perhaps it maybe that the red dust storm over the eastern seaboard of Australia presently has crippled a part of our brain. Here’s a scary thought though! Maybe this is a cross representation of the calibre of the DG readers. But then again coming from someone wearing a surgical mask as he writes this entry and a pair of socks that don’t match where does that put me ? Anyway at this stage I will read some more comments over the next few weeks and if things don’t improve I’m taking the red pill or the next bus to Nimbin. Thanks for a hell of a ride thus far to DG.


    1. Hi Anonymous!
      So we others know that you are the real, the one and only Anonymous, can you put some sort of regular note at the foot of your posts? Maybe some sort of identifying picture (not necessarily a real one) would also help. Otherwise it’s going to be hard to tell if you are the genuine article or one of those imposters that Greg has decided to let loose on TDG.

      Thanks – it would be appreciated!

      Regards, Kathrinn

  1. Scientology advertising!
    How on earth can DG be advertising that brain washing ????

    I think of all the people my spouse has helped recover from massive debts from that disgusting organization, after buying into, literally, that ORGANIZATION yet got nothing except heart ache and massive debts.

    Shameful, please tell me when you have got rid of this cult brain-washing advertising. Out of respect for others who have lost from that pure evil organization I will change for the first time in a decade DG as my homepage.


    1. Google Ads
      If you saw an ad as part of the google ad block, then note that DG has no say on what ads Google insert there. I agree with your sentiment, but your anger is mis-directed.

    2. Channel swapping
      [quote=Baron]Shameful, please tell me when you have got rid of this cult brain-washing advertising. Out of respect for others who have lost from that pure evil organization I will change for the first time in a decade DG as my homepage.

      It’s a Google ad, I have no say in what gets placed in it initially. I have entered a new filter now to my account to try and remove those particular ads.

      1. Re: the Hoopla over the Google Ads in Daily Grail
        Although I can confer some justifiable sensitivity over this dilemma with Scientology. Fancy directing your anger with threatening DG with your absence.Me methinks there was already a proclivity for that particular individual to go in that direction in the first place. I wonder how many sleeplessness nights you’ve had over Copernicus or Giordano Bruno in the hands of the Roman mob thats still in power today. I think a pregnant pause was in order rather than coming out with guns blazing that’s how conflict arise. A neglectful mind can cause all sorts of mischief. Chill !


      2. Out of one’s control Google ads!!!

        I take all back! I thought you were accepting “paid ads” from that fraudulent organisation! When I saw the ad I was rather shocked and could not bare to see advertising of it on my favourite homepage.

        My over reaction as some might think, is justified. My better half has had to deal with hundreds of victims of this cult.Drawn in, milked for all they have, and most did not have much in the first place, so to feed this leech of misery to get to the next level, most have got into massive debts that many cannot possibly pay back, and are now broke lost depressed and in dire despair after coming to the realization that “ology” does not help them grow or whatever they were searching or pay back their debts! Only they themselves can help themselves.

        DG back as homepage, sorry to have doubted you.


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