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I’ve mentioned it before, but make sure you take the time to check out Stacy Horn’s Unbelievable blog. The ‘Unbelievable’ is in italics because that’s the name of her book (Amazon US and UK), which delves into the history of the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory, and their investigations of various odd/paranormal phenomena. To accompany the book, Horn has been posting some great material to the blog taking a look at various incidents and correspondence, which make for wonderful reading. For example, just in the past couple of weeks there have been entries on “Pat Marquis, J. B. Rhine and Charlie Chaplin” and “The Parapsychology Laboratory and the Russian Secret Police“. If those catch your fancy, work your way back through the blog to find many more fascinating pieces (not to mention images, such as can be found in this blog entry).

Amazon also have a short author video available, in which Horn discusses the research and writing of the book, and the fascinating correspondence she came across while doing so.