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UK UFOs Part Four

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence has released the fourth instalment of their ‘UFO Files’ to the National Archives, where they can be downloaded as individual PDF files. Once again UFO researcher/historian Dr David Clarke is acting as consultant to the National Archives on the project, and he’s provided a concise overview of the new files as both a PDF guide, and also via this 10 minute video presentation:

Various news outlets have picked up on the newly released files, with the BBC mentioning a curious case regarding a UFO firing a ‘laser beam’ in a cemetery, while Breitbart picked up on the ‘Lemonheads’ UFO case. Probably the most notable case discussed is that of the ‘British Roswell’, the Rendlesham Forest incident. The files show that former head of the armed forces Lord Hill-Norton told the defence secretary of the time that the case could be a “banana skin”:

In his letter, Lord Hill-Norton said he rejected the official MoD line that the case was of “no defence interest”, adding that it displayed “puzzling and disquieting features which have never been satisfactorily explained by your department”.

He said it was either the case that a piloted craft had entered and left UK airspace with “complete impunity” or “a sizeable number of USAF personnel at an important base in British territory are capable of serious misperception”.

Lord Hill-Norton added: “There seems to be a head of steam building up on this matter, and I can see a potential ‘banana skin’ [a political embarrassment] looming.”

David Clarke also has some further personal comments on the new file release on his blog. The latest release brings the total number of files now made public in digital form to 48 – this still leaves another 112 files yet to be released by the MoD, all of which will be transferred to the National Archives over the next 30 months or so.

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