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Shift #22

Issue 22 of Shift, the magazine of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), has been released and PDFs of article are available at the IONS website. I found the article on ‘Twin Telepathy’ very interesting; it’s a topic that I’ve wondered about before, after noting the way identical twins often fill in words in each other’s sentences.

In 1961, Robert Sommer, Humphry Osmond, and Lucille Pancyr interviewed fourteen pairs of twins and seven single members of a twin pair to see how many of them reported experiences of telepathy. Twelve out of the thirty-five participants believed that they could communicate telepathically with their twin. They made statements such as, “We both think the same things at the same time,” “I can tell what her feelings are,” and, “When my twin goes out, I can imagine what he is doing and see the place, like right now, even if I’ve never been there or seen the place described.”

Telepathy happens frequently between closely connected twins during crisis. The term crisis telepathy was coined after several dramatic accounts such as the following: Martha Burke felt as if she “had been cut in two” one day in 1977 when a searing pain crossed her chest and abdomen. Hours later she discovered that her twin sister had died in a plane crash halfway across the world. Similarly, in July 1975, Nita Hurst’s left leg became agonizingly painful as bruises spread spontaneously up the left side of her body. She later discovered that her twin, Nettie Porter, had been in a car crash at the very same time four hundred miles away.

Certainly a topic that I’d like to see more research on. Other articles in Shift #22 include “In Search of Happiness”, “An Interview with Adyashanti”, and “The Adaptive Organization”.

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