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Australian ufologist Bill Chalker attended a preview screening of the impending ‘alien invasion’ movie District 9, and has posted a review of the film on his Oz Files blog:

District 9 is a confronting and wild descent into multiple levels of alienation in unique and striking ways. I think it will be an intriguing and cult style hit at the box office. Films like this that not only engage in interesting and entertaining ways, but also cause us to confront all too familiar real experiences with alienation, are too rare. At the very least District 9 is a dark and gritty example of a very popular and enduring genre of film – the alien and us.

Head on over to Bill’s blog to read the full review – can’t wait for this one. Head on over to the D9 website for the trailer for the film, and various ‘immersive experiences’ connected with the story.

(Full disclosure: I have a business relationship with some of the producers of District 9, though unrelated to the film. I’m pimping it here because I’m excited about the movie, plain and simple.)