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Our good buddies over at Into the Duat have posted a trailer of sorts for their upcoming Web TV series “Simon Cox Investigates”, which gives an insight into their visit to Area 51 (Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, call it what you will). Looking forward to seeing the ‘webisodes’ as they are released, Simon and crew have been researching various Fortean-type mysteries for many years. There’s also a short blog entry on their visit.

Although if you’re going to have a tour guide to the Little Ale’ Inn and beyond, you can’t go past BMB from Toolband.com, who’s so close to being a resident of the secret base now that he drives a car with blacked out windows (and windscreen). Blair synchronistically posted a newsletter – and photos – recently, referring to a camping trip in search of secret (and perhaps alien) operations in the sky above ‘Homey Airport’ (scroll down the Tool website’s news section to July 1). Unfortunately, as Blair says it was “so quiet that I could hear them silently snicker”, but it’s still worth a read to hear tales of Dreamland told as only that bastard-son of Loki and Trithemius can.