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Just heard the terrible news that another legend of ufology has passed away – Richard ‘Dick’ Hall. Born on Christmas Day, 1930, Dick was there from pretty much the beginning: in the 1950s he began working with Donald Keyhoe’s pioneering UFO research group, National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). In the 60s he released one of the most authoritative books on UFO research ever published, The UFO Evidence. In recent decades, he had retained an active role in the field.

Here’s Dick with his own personal insights into the makings of the infamous ‘Condon Report‘ (taken from Paul Kimball’s excellent documentary, Best Evidence):

Greg Bishop summed it up well at UFO Mystic, in saying that Dick Hall “always fought for official recognition of the subject as worthy of serious consideration by academics and scientists, and in that spirit, he remains one of the greats in the field whose shoulders we all stand on, and will continue to do so.”

Or, in the words of Jerome Clark: “Ufology has lost a giant.” Farewell to Richard Hall – a scholar and a gentleman.