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Rand and Rose Flem-Ath send word that their website has been completely redesigned (and schmick it is!), and also pointed out to me that their books are now available as downloads in multiple eBook formats (Kindle and Mobipocket), at very cheap prices. So if you don’t yet have When the Sky Fell – a considerable influence on Graham Hancock’s Atlantis discussion in Fingerprints of the Gods – you can now pick it up for your Kindle for just $5.56. If you’re interested in the book, but don’t have a Kindle, follow the Mobipocket link instead on the Flem-Ath website.

I’d also recommend The Atlantis Blueprint, which I enjoyed when I read it – back in the day when it was a dead tree of course. The Flem-Ath’s website also features some articles related to their books, so head on over for some fascinating reads.

Speaking of Atlantis, one of the clues to Dan Brown’s next book mentioned the Bimini Road (on top of Chichen Itza and the pyramids of Egypt). Wonder what Dan Brown’s been reading…