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The website for Dan Brown’s upcoming book The Lost Symbol has gone live, though at the moment it just features a countdown clock to the release of the next blockbuster. More interesting though, is that there are also pages on Twitter and Facebook devoted to the book – and the Twitter page is featuring clues to the content of The Lost Symbol.

Seems from the Twitter clues so far that the change of title *does not* mean that the content has changed – already there have been mentions of Freemasonry and Washington, D.C. Also, other things that I covered that weren’t so well known – such as the influence of Francis Bacon – have turned up in the clues after just a few days, so I’m feeling good that I was on the right track with a lot of my research. I’ve noticed a few other things of interest as well, but I’ll post about them separately at a later date.

I’ll be posting solutions to some of the puzzles, and linking to other content of interest, via my own Twitter account: @LostSymbol. Warning: spoilers!

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