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Spreading the Woo Further

I’ve just signed up to have our Fortean anthology series Darklore made available via the new Espresso Book Machines which are turning up in various shops and libraries around the world. I’m still yet to sort out final details on markets and pricing, but I’m hoping this will make for easier access to Darklore for readers in Australia and other countries not inhabited by Amazon (in Australia, Angus and Robertson bookstores are supposedly installing them in various retail outlets around the country).

The Espresso Book Machine is a new invention which can print and bind a book in a matter of minutes after downloading the book file. For those that want to check out one of the machines in action, take a look over at Publish Yourself which has video of the entire process.

For those that still prefer Amazon, you can check out all of Daily Grail Publishing’s books – including the Darklore series, and books by Jacques Vallee, Paul Devereux and Blair MacKenzie Blake – at our Amazon store. These are the things that keep TDG running; appreciate so much the support readers have given our books over the past couple of years.

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