Pyramid Texts Online

This is pretty cool: Pyramid Texts Online allows you to read/browse a number of the classics of Egyptology in their original form, directly with your browser. You’ll find Budge’s hieroglyphic dictionaries, Vyse’s three-volume series Operations Carried on at the Pyramids of Gizeh in 1837: With an Account a Voyage Into Upper Egypt, and other words from the likes of Maspero, Gardiner, Charles Piazzi Smyth, Flinders Petrie and Adolf Erman. If the text is a little too small for you, the website also offers links to download PDF/DjVu versions or print a hardcopy via print-on-demand.

Just remember that these are old, public domain works – so while they are influential and fascinating in their own right, they aren’t exactly up to date.