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Evolver Intensive Webseminars

Daniel Pinchbeck sends word of a new web seminar series titled “Evolver Intensives”. The series aims at discussing ways of overcoming “old patterns of thought and action [that] block our advance into a more awakened and self-sufficient way of life”:

Reality Sandwich is pleased to announce our first Evolver Intensive teleseminar series, “Beyond 2012: Practical Tools for Your Transformation”, which will be hosted by me. In a series of interactive calls spanning June and July, we will explore how the deepening planetary crisis will affect us as individuals, and what we should do to prepare for massive changes ahead.

Each call will feature a guest who is an expert in at least one crucial area. We will be talking with David Wolfe, an expert in raw foods and super foods, on nutrition; Neil Strauss, bestselling author of Emergency, on preparedness and self-reliance; Burners Without Borders director Carmen Mauk on building communities; author Douglas Rushkoff on workable alternatives to the current monetary system such as local and complementary currencies; John Marshall Roberts on how to communicate the new memes to all strata of society; and more.

Note that the first call, this Thursday night, is offered as a free sample for those interested and features John Marshall Roberts. For more details about the program, including pricing, head to the Evolver Intensives website.

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