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Aya: A Shamanic Odyssey

Australian journalist Rak Razam sends word that his new book, AYA: A Shamanic Odyssey, has just been released (available from Amazon US and UK). Here’s what Rak has to say about the new book:

I travelled to Peru on magazine assignment in 2006 to research what the archetype of the shaman was like in the 21st century, and the business of spirituality that had sprung up around it. It’s been a three-year mission to complete the book and launch Icaro Publishing to release it, and the time has never been more potent for this book to be shared with the world.

Ayahuasca usage has enveloped a large swath of the West and in the last few months following the legal victory of the Santo Daime ayahuasca church in Oregon, ayahuasca has been positively written up by such mainstream bastions of the establishment as Time magazine, NBC Today Show, and ayahuasca has previously been the focus of the LA Times, New York Times, National Geographic Adventure, BBC news,

In AYA I capture in intimate detail what the Peruvian ayahuasca trail is like, and detail my personal experiences drinking this powerful vegetal medicine. This book is for the millions of people across the world that are interested in not just shamanism, but what it represents a direct connection to the planet and a spiritual way to see the world. It’s a unique adventure that echoes the archetypal Western quest, propelling the reader on a cosmological travel memoir that is at turns beautiful, terrifying, mind-blowing and ultimately, cathartic.

You can find a lot more information about the book, including an excerpt and image gallery, at the AYA website.

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