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Stephen Braude and the Gold Leaf Lady

There are few people as respected in the field of ‘paranormal research’ than Stephen Braude. A long-time field investigator, and the author of books such as Immortal Remains and The Gold Leaf Lady, Steve is also Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and somehow also manages to find time to be editor of the most excellent Journal of Scientific Exploration as well. Oh, and he also had an article in Volume 2 of Darklore, which you can read on the website as a free sample article (“The Fear of Psi”).

So this clip is well worth viewing – it’s a 15 minute interview from UMBC’s ‘In the Loop’ program, with Steve discussing various aspects of his ‘weird’ interest. Not only does it offer some insights into his thinking, but there’s also footage inserted in there of the ‘Gold Leaf Lady’ herself, and the strange phenomena associated with her:

It’s all too easy to lose people’s character when reading academic essays and scientific investigations, so it’s nice to be able to see Professor Stephen Braude discussing paranormal phenomena in a relaxed setting as just a ‘regular guy’.

If you found the clip interesting, there is more video of Steve at the Closer to Truth website, discussing the topic “What Would an Immortal Soul Be Like?”. It’s well-produced, both in video quality and the interview questions (and answers) themselves.

Steve’s most recent book The Gold Leaf Lady and Other Parapsychological Investigations is available from Amazon US and UK. You can find an excerpt from the book, regarding his investigation of the ‘Gold Leaf Lady’, on the University of Chicago Press website.

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