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The UK’s ‘sacred landscape’ community has suffered another loss, on the back of the death last month of John Michell: Pat Delgado, one of the most influential writer/researchers on the topic of crop circles, passed away on the weekend aged 90. Delgado co-authored the bestselling book Circular Evidence with Colin Andrews, and in doing so introduced many people to the mystery of the ‘agriglyphs’. He largely retired from the scene after the ‘Doug and Dave’ revelations in 1991, in which he was the central ‘victim’ to pronounce that their faked circle was “genuine”. He later said (in 1996) that he had come to the conclusion that the complex patterns should be considered “artistic” man-made designs, rather than hoaxes, but that the truly “genuine” circles “are simple single circles and their history probably goes back thousands of years.”