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  • The truth is out there, and the nation’s maddest scientists are after it. Because you’d have to be mad to investigate strange anomalies which seem to redefine the paradigm.
  • It’s warp speed Jim, but not as we know it.
  • 50 years of seeking ET.
  • Astronauts spot small dings on Space Shuttle’s heat shield. There goes the resale value…
  • Summer Solstice at Stonehenge will not be like the G20, say police. What, no agent provocateurs firing up the druids by whispering that they didn’t build the place?
  • 52% of Americans support legalization of marijuana. And they’ve got some muscle behind them.
  • Mystery of Auschwitz ‘message in a bottle‘ solved.
  • Is nature a mean mother?
  • UFO historian Richard Dolan says it’s possible that humanity is being targeted by a predatory Reptilian extraterrestrial species. Bound to win over scientists to the field of ufology.
  • Kiwi journalist ‘hoaxes‘ Ohio Bigfoot conference. And then apologises, although no-one seems to be buying it.
  • What lurks in the vasty deep?
  • T. Rex ate coconuts. And frolicked with children in a beautiful landscape, praising Jebus. At the Creation Museum at least – and who wouldn’t trust them for real science?
  • Back pain? Try the mystical Chinese medicinal art of toothpick prodding…err, acupuncture.
  • Evidence of woman ‘king’ in ancient Canaan discovered.
  • Satellites uncover 132 archaeological sites yet to be excavated in Egypt.
  • Yet another story about scientists being amazed at how ancient people weren’t as dumb as they thought. Because we’re so smart with our wristwatches and stuff…

Thanks Marsha.

Quote of the Day:

It is the revised understanding of the nature of human beings, and of the causal role of human consciousness in the unfolding of reality, that is, I believe, the most exciting thing about the new physics, and probably, in the final analysis, also the most important contribution of science to the well-being of our species.

Professor Henry Stapp