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Been meaning to discuss this all week, but I’ve been real short on time. Last week I was a little bemused when the announcement of the discovery of Darwinius masillae (also known simply as ‘Ida’) sprang forth suddenly and overwhelmingly, fully-formed like Athena from the head of Zeus. Usually news on this level is either preceded by plenty of whispers and leaks, or otherwise is released and then builds into a snowball. But the ‘missing link’ news hit full force, with proclamations that the discovery would “change everything”, that the fossil was the “mising link” in primate evolution and so on. Unbelievably, even Google modified its logo in celebration of the announcement. Then, when I saw that the History Channel already had a documentary on DVD and a book devoted to the discovery, ready for purchasing, I really became suspicious.

But then, I’m a goofy anti-science guy, so it’s to be expected that I’d see a conspiracy here. So it was gratifying that other, more scientific types, also smelt a rat. Carl Zimmer, on his science blog ‘The Loom’, looked at the timeline of the release of information, with all roads leading to a PR event rather than a scientific announcement. P.Z.Myers then took umbrage at the hype and the P.R. control of the event (although, to be fair, P.Z. takes umbrage at seemingly everything). And Brian Switek than listed why the discovery was overblown (although still spectacular).

There’s little of this criticism in the mass media though, and it would seem the iconic imagery of the Ida fossil has now burned itself into the public consciousness as the ‘missing link’. I think though that most of that is down to some smart PR, rather than any conspiracy to bend people’s minds. I still am wondering though why Google made the logo change…