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The most popular page on the Daily Grail (besides the front page) is my listing of esoteric and historical sites that you can ‘visit’ through Google Earth (accessed over 220,000 times thus far). And there’s obviously no shortage of people hunting for strange things imaged by Google’s satellites – over the years we’ve had news of Atlantis being supposedly discovered, and various instances of alleged ‘UFOs‘.
Well, for all you anomaly hunters, here’s a site you might like: Google Earth Anomalies.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features on the site is the Utah Geoglyphs:

Ed Payne from Lindon, Utah has made some amazing discoveries using Google Earth. An incredible series of ancient lines, circles and shapes has been documented similar to the famous landscape lines in Nazca, Peru except these lines exist on the American landscape. The circular features, and various linear shapes are connected by lines and they appear to be ancient in origin found in very remote locations in Utah. Many of the geoglyphs have been partially hidden by nature and some of the lines have been turned into modern roads. Some long lines continue up to the edges of tall cliffs where they are abruptly cut off by a vertical drop.

The site contains direct links to online Google Maps to verify the ‘discoveries’ are genuine locations, and you can also find the coordinates if you want to browse them on Google Earth.