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District 9: illegal aliens invade Earth

A new film released in August is District 9, promoted by Peter Jackson and directed by Neill Blomkamp. In an alternate present, an alien race has landed on Earth and is forced to live in slum conditions, denied basic rights and forced to live in isolation. The very real issues of illegal immigration, human rights, and Big Brother are very much at the forefront of this thinking person’s scifi. Is this how it would play out in a real case scenario? It’s not entirely an original idea, the premise being explored in 1988’s Alien Nation, which was later turned into a short-lived television series. The District 9 viral marketing and Alternative Reality Gaming has already started, so it’ll be fun to determine where fact and fiction separates. With the new Star Trek movie catering to a wider audience who want more action and less Warp Core theories (boldly profiting in the Box Office where no Star Trek movie has profited before), it’s great to see scifi-that-makes-you-think is still making it onto the big screen. ET disclosure continues…

Here’s the trailer:

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