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Call for Darklore 4 Submissions

The life of a book editor is never dull, and so just weeks after the release of Darklore Volume 3 I’m starting the planning for Darklore Volume 4, aiming at a September release. If you think you’ve got the perfect Darklore article gestating within your precious noggin, almost ready to jump out onto the pages of our highly-regarded (by intelligent, non-CSICOP-type people anyhow) anthology, then please send me an email. You can do so by putting ‘publications’ in front of one of those funny ‘@’ symbols, followed by ‘’ (sorry for the obfuscation, but spam brings me down). Darklore is really making a name for itself, and so I’m getting a lot of interest from possible contributors, so make sure your idea is GOOD. Alternately, feel free to circulate word about the call for submissions to whomever you think might be interested. Note though that I’ll be making my decisions for the line-up at the start of June, aiming at an article deadline of July 31. So get cracking!

For those not lucky enough to have sampled Darklore Volume 3 yet, you can do so by visiting the Darklore website and checking out the free PDFs on offer. Or, if you’re not a cheap bastard, why not actually buy a copy and read all the articles? The cool thing is that it helps keep the Daily Grail up and running, as well as helping out all those researchers and writers who contributed. Here’s the Amazon links:

I look forward to seeing teh weirdness flood my Inbox!

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