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2009 IRVA Conference

The 2009 International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) conference is scheduled for the 19th to 21st of June in Las Vegas, and as usual there is a great line-up of speakers from the world of remote viewing and parapsychology research. The all-star list of presenters includes Roger Nelson, Russell Targ, Melvin Morse, Paul Smith, Stephan Schwartz, John Alexander, Skip Atwater, Lyn Buchanan and Jeffrey Mishlove. There will also be a speakers’ reception and ‘P.K. party’ during the weekend. Someone buy me the airfare and I’m there…

Note that there are earlybird discounts for registering and paying for your tickets early (20% off if done before May 18), so if you’re interested in the event I suggest you get in early. Full details at the website.

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