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The Terror That Comes in the Night

It is said that one in every five people will, at some stage, experience the terrifying phenomena that accompany ‘sleep paralysis‘. One of the most authoritative and fascinating books on the topic is David J. Hufford’s The Terror That Comes in the Night (Amazon US and UK – preview available at Google Books). Here’s a good video of Hufford discussing his research on (and personal experience with) sleep paralysis:

That clip is from a new documentary, Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault, which looks well worth checking out (and at $9.95 for a DVD, is pretty affordable). Experiencers and experts are interviewed, and advice offered on how to live with these waking nightmares, which in some cases come to dominate the lives of those experiencing them:

Victims wake to find that they are paralyzed and unable to move or speak. Many experience frightening visions of demons, shadows, or an old woman known as “The Hag”. For others there is simply the unmistakable presence of evil. In extreme cases, these potentially supernatural attacks can occur for decades. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and entirely alone, victims can lead shattered lives dominated by the fear of social stigma. Those who seek medical advice are often misdiagnosed and labeled psychotic or schizophrenic.

The DVD’s website has further video excerpts available for viewing, and also a forum for discussing the phenomenon. Worth noting as well is that Tim Binnall interviewed the guys behind the documentary – Andrew Barnes and Paul Taitt – last month on BoA Audio. At over two hours, it’s a good, detailed discussion on all aspects of sleep paralysis and the associated supernatural aspects of the experience.

Any TDG readers suffer from sleep paralysis? Would be good to hear from you, what it is you experience, and how you deal with it.

  1. Greg wrote:
    Any TDG readers

    [quote=Greg]Any TDG readers suffer from sleep paralysis? Would be good to hear from you, what it is you experience, and how you deal with it.[/quote]

    I have experienced it three times, all in relation to taking the drug Elavil (Amitriptyline). Needless to say, I discontinued use.

    It is exactly as commonly described. You are awake, you are certain you are wide awake, but you are unable to move. You have the presence of mind to consider whether you are dreaming or not, and you decide you are not. You sense the presence of something, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it evil. More like unnatural. It is a presence but not really embodied. It didn’t seem like an alien or an intruder, just a something/somebody.

    You want to scream but can’t, no matter how hard you try, and believe me you try very hard. It is hands down the scariest feeling I have ever had in my life.

  2. Sleep paralysis
    I’ve had this all my life, and thought it was normal — though most of the time terrifying — until I was in my mid-thirties. I was at a health fair at the local hospital, and passed by a “sleep disorder” booth, where they had a large display of “is this you?” kind of thing, listing all kinds of symptoms, mostly to do with sleep paralysis. I answered a big “yes” to all of them. I thought it was weird — not a relief- to discover that I had a disorder, not that this was normal.

    I’ve also had a life long experience with OOBEs, or “astral projections” or whatever you want to call it.

    Both states I’ve experienced many, many times. However, they seemed to decrease with age. I noticed that they didn’t occur as often as I got older (around forties to now) but, I’ve noticed that if I’m putting my energies into meditation, crystal work (I know, New Agey as hell, what can I say) and just general focus and attention on cultivating that kind of thing, both seem to come back; increase in frequency.

    I have the book, and we studied it when I was a folklore major… a very excellent book, I think.

    The Orange Orb

  3. Unfortunately… yes
    I’ve suffered a few episodes of sleep paralysis during my life. They’re NOT pleasant experiences.

    There is this sense of dread and anxiety that haunts you, and you feel the desperate need to move and turn on the lamplight by your bed; and your god damn hand takes FOREVER to reach the bloody switch; like you were moving your hand through a pool of mercury, it takes a lot of effort 🙁

    I’ve never felt any presence in the room, though. But it’s the sense that ‘they’ might come get me any minute that makes me want to turn the light on. I feel this is the end result of reading ‘Communion’. I lasted 6 whole months sleeping with the lights on after finishing it :-/

    The episodes have not returned in a while. They have been replace I think by lucid dreams. Some of them are weird, because I dream that I’m sleeping in my bed! so there’s this confusion on whether I’m in the dream world or the real world—very Matrix-like indeed 😉

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

    1. Similar
      I’ve had similar dreams where I was trying to move, trying to turn on the lights, or whatever, and I just couldn’t get there, like you said, running in mercury, or even ooze. you just can’t move beyond a very small pace, no matter how hard you will yourself too. I’ve found myself trying to call out, to speak, and not being able to do so.

      I’ve experienced terror as in being afraid of other beings, though I do have a ghost in my house. It’s the wife of the man who built the place in the 1880’s. I’ve seen her numerous times descend the stairs, walk to the front door, and peer out as if looking for someone or something, before just fading away. But i digress.

      I HAVE felt a terrible sadness, a dread, almost grieving, it was just so overpowering, that accompanied these dreams.

      So yes, i understand what he’s talking about, and just accepted it as a part of my life. interesting to see it being studied like this.


  4. The Lucky Few
    Sleep paralysis (SP) has practical, exciting connotations for me, as I approach it in the pursuit of so-called astral projection. I am envious of those who can do it on a regular basis without any effort; if only they knew that their suffering is, to some, the welcome outcome of intentional practice. A quick look at the BoA interview summary didn’t reveal any mention of Frank Monroe, Bruce Moen, Robert Bruce, or other modern teachers of mystical practices that lead to SP.

    My advice to those with unwanted SP is to harness it. Take a look at the free resources at and, then find some books that you like. With the body asleep, the mind is king — terror is what you’ll manifest if you are terrified.

    1. Transition State?
      [quote=Haufoldos]Sleep paralysis (SP) has practical, exciting connotations for me, as I approach it in the pursuit of so-called astral projection. I am envious of those who can do it on a regular basis without any effort; if only they knew that their suffering is, to some, the welcome outcome of intentional practice. A quick look at the BoA interview summary didn’t reveal any mention of Frank Monroe, Bruce Moen, Robert Bruce, or other modern teachers of mystical practices that lead to SP.

      My advice to those with unwanted SP is to harness it. Take a look at the free resources at and, then find some books that you like. With the body asleep, the mind is king — terror is what you’ll manifest if you are terrified.[/quote]

      I’ve been experimenting throughout my own experiences with Sleep Paralysis for the last 2 years. I try manipulating the state of mind I’m in when overcome with SP. I often find that when I try to move, I am overcome with a slight feeling of nausea. However, becoming aware that my mind is in an altered state, it becomes a simple transitory state, where I find I can jump into dream scenarios and begin lucid dreaming rather easily. I’ve felt scared just once, where I felt I was being smothered to the point of not being able to breathe. I’ve never felt threatened beyond that, however.

      1. OOB?
        Have you tried to go out-of-body during this time? There are a couple of techniques you can use to do it. One is to imagine yourself — really feel it as much as possible — rolling out of your body; in the same way, you can grab hold of an imaginary rope hanging above the bed and pull yourself out. Another approach is to imagine engaging in a boring activity in a familiar place, like brushing your teeth. All of this is intended to take attention away from the physical body.

  5. waking up
    Some times, I dream and I want to wake up, but I can’t. I am not sure that this is the same thing we are talking about here.

    I want to move but I can’t. This is related, I think, to the recurring dreams about which I wrote about a few days ago, this one.

    It is a sign of frustration, or helpnesless.

    But the point of these dreamers trying to to move, and they can’t – I think it is related to the disconnect between dreams and motor functions.

    You can’t live out your dreams, you would cause big problems. Trying to fly, killing dragons, that sort of thing.

    So there is a disconnect when you are sleeping.

    But when we are at the border between sleep and awakeness, we are fighting this border. When there is a reason to wake up, but for some reason we can’t.

    It is not how fast you go
    it is when you get there.

    1. stuck
      I’ve also suffered from this my whole life. As a child I would be terrified of going to bed because I knew it would happen. It happened upon waking and falling asleep. Before I fell asleep I felt as if I was “falling” out of my body and entities were taking me away. I wake up and see a demon like thinging at me, or it feels like something is choking you. I learned to deal with it and not to fight it because it only gets worse. I wake up feeling like I havn’t slept at all. Sometimes it happens over and over again in one night Isink” into this other world but I’m not dreaming becuase I’m awake and lucid. I read not sleeping over 8 hours a night helps

      1. falling
        some times I worry about not getting to sleep. If I am in bed and not sleeping, that somehow seems to be wrong.

        When I feel that I am falling, while safely in the bed (mine or some hotel bed), I relax and know that I am going to sleep.

        I don’t know if this is unusual – I go to sleep not because I am tired, but because I want to dream. My waking life is not all that bad, but some of my dreaming life is more interesting.

        Also in my dreaming life, I don’t have to pay for air travel, all the places are within walking distance.

        It is not how fast you go
        it is when you get there.

  6. A strange one, even for a case of sleep paralysis
    I was a child of around 8. It happened in the morning, I had a good sleep.
    Suddenly I’m awake, eyes shut, can’t move, start to panic, call for help with no effect etc. Somehow I open my eyes (at least I think I opened them) and see the exact room I was sleeping in, bed and everything – a perfectly clear and authentic sight. I could swear I did actually SEE it, but there was my grandmother in the room, couldn’t see her face, she was handling the dried laundry, nothing more usual, until she turned around in silence and wickedly smiled at me showing a pair of long vampire teeth. After a moment of tremendous fear (still paralyzed) I kind of passed out and woke up again (it felt like split second) to see exactly the same room, me and everything in the same position, no grandmother.
    Those days in Serbia, plastic vampire teeth were popular among kids. I calmed down, got up and looked through the granny’s stuff to find where she hid them. I had a feeling that the thing wasn’t real, and was aware that my granny couldn’t possibly be held responsible for such a thing, but I couldn’t help myself – it looked so perfectly real.

    Maybe this is why I turned out as a psychologist. Didn’t help.

    My granny died 10 years ago, I never told her. I am now close to 40. I loved her very much, never had even the slightest problem with her – not that she didn’t have any with me…
    Actually, there might be a connection. I remember scaring her. She had a heavy rheumatic condition and spent most of my childhood in bed. I used to crawl silently from another room and sneak up on her, just to jump on her bed once I’m by her side. So cruel.
    Now, I do not think my granny plotted a vengeance with a pair of plastic vampire teeth, but I do think something in my mind might have. The way I see it now, rules of the dreamworld apply to these hallucinations, with another strange twist provided by a half-wake mind in a still sleeping body.

    I had a couple of similar experiences, most notably one when I felt like an embryo in a womb and struggled to move for a long minute or more, but none so dramatic.

  7. Hooded being sticking a needle in my back
    Comes and goes in phases for me, but it’s been a while since I had it. About ten years ago, I woke on my side, facing the wall, unable to move, but with an intense feeling that someone was in the room. I couldn’t budge a muscle. I felt something pressing the small of my back. With a monumental effort, I twisted my neck to look behind me… and saw a humanoid being wearing a brown robe, dark gloves, and its face obscured by a shadowy cowl. I slept on a futon a few inches off the floor, so it was either very short, or kneeling. And it was pressing a long, needle-like metallic object into the small of my back.

    That’s all I can remember.

    I had never read any alien abduction books before this incident, and it was an intense experience, friends could see it in my face when I described it to them the next day. I have suffered sleep paralysis, but this was nothing like the ‘normal’ episodes I have had, it was abnormal.

    I’d love to know what state my brain was in, delta or theta, but alas I’ll never know. Did natural DMT flood my brain at the time? I have many questions, but the experience is anecdotal. After suffering sleep paralysis, I do know the difference. And it’s also worth noting that only a small percentage of sleep paralysis sufferers report being/s in their room, it’s actually uncommon among sufferers. And that’s a very intriguing mystery, who do only a small percentage of sleep paralysis sufferers report beings, why does the majority of sufferers not encounter them?

  8. Sleep paralysis & Second Sight

    I remember I had a few years ago a situation that I’d call sleep paralysis. It wasn’t pleasant, but because I knew what was going on it was also interesting. In fact, I can recall being somewhat excited about it, and just observed what was happening: it was exactly as I had read about it before.

    I could not move because I felt so really, really heavy. Like I was pushed down gently. And while I didn’t see anything, I could felt the presence of something terryfying in the room with me – that was a bummer and a relief. At the same time I was excited about the situation and scared like hell. I think I got away from the paralysis just consentrating on sleeping.

    And by the way, BBC has this (in my opinion) excellent TV-series where a police detective (Clive Owen) is slowly losing his sight and having terrible sleep paralysis. It’s called Second Sight, and it aired on BBC One between the years 2000 & 2001.

    There is more about Second Sight over here:

    All the best,

    “Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.”

    — Lenny Bruce

  9. My own experience is from
    My own experience is from early adolescence I think. I went through a phase in which I had a variety of experiences during sleep, including paralysis, shadowy entities in the room, falling from a height into my bed, running away but getting nowhere and floating in my dreams.

    I recall thinking I was awake while I felt entities were in my room (on one occasion I had the distinct impression there were three small ones at the end of my bed, on another occasion a tall figure, maybe in a hooded cowl) but being unable to move/bring myself to peek out from under the covers.

    By far the most common experience was the floating (I still do it sometimes). Usually I’m just having a normal dream, but I am aware that I’m the only one floating in my dream, and I experiment, practice and sometimes show off my floating skills, but no-one seems to notice!


    I don’t believe in belief!


    1. Floating
      LOL, I do a lot of that in my lucid dreaming. But I don’t want to just float standing up, dammit. I want to fly like Superman, show some speed! 😉

      I’ve often wondered if those flying figures you hear about in the news are the result of someone projecting its dreams into the real world.

      Anyway, from what I’m reading, it seems there’s something all of us agree on: it’s very difficult to tell the difference between the dream world and the every-day reality. The boundaries become very blurry.

      It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
      It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

      Red Pill Junkie

    2. entity
      I just remembered another occasion in which I recall ‘seeing’ a crouching figure framed by my bedroom window. Scary.


      I don’t believe in belief!


  10. sleep paralasis
    This happens to me maybe once or twice a year. I remember the first one best tho! I was in my 20’s (almost 50 now) and I woke up because there was a roaring sound in my ears and the bed felt like it was shaking hard. I worked nights so this was in the daylight. Where I lived in the country there was a sharp bend in the road right at my house, and my first thought was that a large truck had missed the turn and was crashing through my front wall. This sensation seemed to last forever.
    I couldn’t move or open my eyes at all. I was unable to talk or move anything. The most amazing thing about it is that when it was over, I just went back to sleep.
    Since then I have usually had all of the same things happen, but sometimes it does feel like a presence in the room behind me, but I can never turn my head to look. I haven’t felt like anything was touching me, thank goodness!

  11. its about time
    I’m 27 now but I have been projecting since I was probably 13 or so. At first I did experience some of the negative things that people talk about like seeing demons and having overwhelming anxiety. My one probably was getting over the feeling of not having to breathe. Which took a while to get over but once you know how to just relax it is very easy to control. Most of the negative figures that you see while projecting are yourself. Usually you will get scared and your astral body will do anything to get back into your physical body. The height of my experiences came in my early 20’s when it was probably happening 5 or 10 times a night before I could actually fall into sleep normally. I got to the point where I could travel anywhere in the world, I flew over Egypt, and I even visited with other people. It took a long time for me to even be able to get outside of my house. Electrical wiring in your walls can sometimes not allow you through. I also noticed that it is always sunny when your outside no matter what time it is. Also try to look back at your physical body while you’re out and see if you can see yourself and your “cord” that attaches you.

    You can learn from searching some websites how to enter and exit your body easier. I always used the “rocking chair” idea and that seemed to work well. When I was around 25 I asked for it to stop and it did. Just due to the fact that it seemed like I had learned all that I needed to and it was just getting tiring. So you can make it stop and come back whenever you want.

    I’m glad that this topic is getting discussed. Hopefully our government will someday recognize it because you can learn a whole lot about the relationship between your soul and your physical body.

  12. Transforming the Experience
    I have had Sleep Paralysis for quite some time, and although terrifying it has always been intriguing and exciting for me. My sister also has it and we have had identical experiences, sometimes during the same night/day.
    For a while I was so scared of it that I would abort the experience immediately, usually by forcing myself to take deep breaths, and basically “pull” myself out of it, like i was swimming out of a vortex/vacuum. After a while though i began to have a little more courage, and because it was reoccurring (sometimes 5 times in one night, repeating every day for weeks) I had much time to “face my fears”. There is not much time to think when one enters such a state, but if awareness is pulled together quickly, the experience can be transformed into a very delightful opening into other vistas. Relaxation, deep breathing, and mantra have aided me very much in ‘letting go’, some of the most noteworthy sleep paralysis episodes of mine shifted into beautiful OBE’s, flying through space, bouncing off of the walls in my room, and listening to celestial choirs sing some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Mainly the lesson i learned from the episodes was that my panic and fear only increased exponentially when i gave into it, but when i would realize that it was happening again and that i was not going to die, i could focus on different aspects of the journey, releasing all of the tension that one feels during it. This became easier and easier because it happened so often, and for some i am sure it comes on very random, and it is so new and overwhelming that fear is the first instinct, with a open heart though, light shines on all the darkness. If you can, have fun with the experience, maybe the hag just wants to dance.

  13. Sleep Paralysis
    I’m an infrequent experiencer. When I have it, I never sense a presence, overwhelming evil or see anything out of the ordinary. For me, what’s frightening is the inability to move or make any sound while fully conscious – being totally vulnerable to mundane negative external events (e.g., the house catching fire, etc.), not aliens, shadow people, ghosts, or demons. I don’t experience those at all.

    1. Sleep Paralysis – further
      I’ve just had one of those “Aha!” moments after typing the above. My first experience happened as a child of around 10 when my mother was trying to wake me because there was a fire in another apartment in the building where we lived. I remember opening my eyes, seeing and hearing my mother, but being unable to move or speak in response to her. She eventually slapped me and that brought me around. She couldn’t carry me out because she was already carrying my younger sister and Dad was away working at his second job. I guess whatever we remember from our first experience (or think we remember) becomes a kind of template for all subsequent experiences. At least that seems to be the case for me.

  14. Musing with Neptune and Oneiros
    All I can comment on are my experiences.

    These ones I consider quite normal and, after I got used to them, quite nifty :3

    I like baths. Adore them. I oftentimes fall asleep in them.

    Sometimes, I will be aware that I am falling asleep. There will be a soft roaring sound (the same sound, I think, that I associate with the onset of a mushroom trip) that grows either louder or higher in pitch. I know that when that sound reaches a certain point, “I” will be asleep as well as my body.

    I cannot move. I can still hear and feel.

    When that roaring starts, I may initially panic and try to scream or ‘FIGHT IT OFF!’ but I usually end up enjoying it.

    If I don’t want to experience it, I just keep on commanding myself to WAKE UP and I eventually do. It always feels like an immense effort of will to do so. Like I am becoming Intentional/Focussed/Mindful.

    I don’t know what it all means. But it is an interesting experience.

  15. Unwelcome Visitor
    I find that lucid dreaming techniques have dispelled the terror aspect. When you are aware of your state, you can act against the feeling.

    My initial experience as a child was frightening, but had some redeeming characteristics. First, it occurred in light, I could see my room very clearly. Second, the hostile prescence was so unnatural I could dismiss it afterwards. It was a blotchy yellow biped with a kind of reptilian resemblance. It tried to conceal itself behind the curtains on the far side of the room, like in a bad movie or cartoon. I attempted to scream, but nothing would come out.

    Since, I have always carried an awareness that I am dreaming and try to assert control when things get scary.

  16. The Other Side
    I had it a couple times, but it happened after I’d worked with a sleep specialist and had gotten my PhD in neuroscience. I knew what it was before hand, and recognized it for what it was. As is common, it lasted less than 2 minutes. The phenomenon is very well understood, being essentially waking up while in REM sleep, the body remaining paralyzed as in REM but being conscious. Actually, it’s “conscious or something like it” because it seems in EEG studies that the brain is awake in some parts and asleep in others. This partial awake state would have less than full control over judgement, and so the person would be more likely to make a less than fully rational assessment. Scary, certainly. Stigmatizing? Perhaps for people who are less likely to look to the medical establishment for care. Scary, but not dangerous.

    The opposite phenomenon, failure of REM paralysis while still asleep, and as happens most often while in REM, dreaming, is called REM disorder. It is the most extreme form of sleep walking. This is scary for the person if they wake up during it, scary for the people witnessing it as well as potentially dangerous for them. The person tends to act out their dream. This can be dangerous if the person is dreaming their doing something to someone else. Since they receive no feedback for their actions (being asleep) and dreams are at least irrational and sometimes violent, their behavior can harm anyone near them. At least one person has been killed by a sleeping spouse, several injured, and more than a few woken far from home.

    No, I am not the brain specialist…..
    YES. Yes I AM the brain specialist.

  17. Sleep Paralysis
    My personal theory is that they are related to panic attacks. They feel like panic attacks that occur while you are sleeping that wake your mind up before your body. I always feel more awake than even normal waking life.

    That’s my physical theory. I do think that in this peculiar state it does thrust you into some type of plane of existence normaly hard to get to.

    I once had one where I was surrounded by Buddhist monks with samurai swords. They gave me a knife and told me to cut my hand. If I could not cut my hand and if I could not draw blood then I was the devil. I could not draw blood. I saw this as a message from by sub-conscious (or immortal sages) telling that me unless I was able to feel the pain of self-sacrifice then I would be evil.

    The most powerful time I had it. I woke up with a bolt and unable to move. I was floating about a metre above my bed. I looked at my hand and it was blue and hairy. Like a demons hand. I then teleported around the room in flashes. So, I basically dreamt that I was Nightcrawler from the X-men. He has religous tattoos allover his body. This inspired me to internalise religous texts.

    I’ve also experienced times where it feels like I have wandered to close to the edge of existence in my sleep. I wake up, unable to move, and have to battle to breathe and get back to my body. I put this down to over adventurousness of my dream self in the astral plane. Or sleep apnea.

  18. Sleep Paralysis
    Hey…….I heard the phrase Sleep Paralysis on TV yesterday for the first time. I did a search and found all of you! I have suffered from this for about 10 years but just thought it was me, not an actual condition. Its a big relief – I’m not going mad afterall! I have Fibromyalgia and have been on Amytriptyline for 6 years so maybe that’s something to do withi it,though I had it first in 2000. For me its as you all describe. Its scary I feel unable to move or speak and am always trying to shout ‘Help’ I know I’m asleep but am fully conscious and can’t get out of my sleep, like as if I’m trapped. I’ve also had a couple of experiences when I’m wide awake,eyes open lying on my back, can move but aware of a heaviness like I’m being pushed into my mattress and not breathing, indeed not needing to breath! Its really weird. Sometimes I’ve had an evil presence like as if my life is being sucked out of me and I’m fighting to stay in my body as I don’t want to die yet. To counter this I’ve sometimes prayed to God and its turned into a good and safe Spiritual experience – Try praying next time it happens to you!

    1. It ain’t a nice feeling….
      I’ve only experienced this two times that I really remember… both times before sleep and wake though I was trying to go to sleep. One time on my back and couldn’t move I didn’t really think much of it just that my body had gone to sleep. The second time was a few years ago and I saw what seemed to be a shadow of a bird type thing all black and fairly big I was on my front in bed exhausted trying to sleep and was almost there apart from the thing I saw I wouldn’t have given it much thought… I even tried to look up what the thing could have been never found anything. It was the lower part of my legs that I couldn’t move and I almost felt violated in that they were really being held down or onto… it creeped me out for a bit but then I fell asleep. I also had a mate who’s little sister 18ish had bad experiences with this they said it was like she was being attacked. Dream states and other realms which side is the real side… sleep or wake?

      1. Anyone have an experience in being physically moved??
        I have had one I was living in a small flat and mine was the first floor up… there were 4 of us sharing it and me and then partner had a mattress in the living room just beyond the door. He fell asleep in the top corner curled up with his back to me. I was flat on my tummy still awake very much not dosing or even half asleep more like resting. Anyway I felt two hands or the presence of a physical strength though very very gentle under my hips and it really felt as though I was lifted slightly? I didn’t sh*t myself though as it didn’t feel threatening… more like a gentle presence. I knew it wasn’t my partner because he was snoring and hadn’t moved at all. The only thing I could think of was that we’d left the door open, our flat mates were out. So I worried slightly as you would and pretending to be sleeping moved so that I was curled up with my back to my ex and facing the room head under my arm trying to peek. And then I felt it again it was like when your in bed and you curl up cupped into each other… it was a gentle feeling of being pulled into someone if you can imagine… then there wasn’t anything else, so I lay there for what felt like hours before I sat up and checked to see if we’d left the door open and we hadn’t. Its all out there for sure 🙂

        just an after thought I read a paper someone wrote on this subject and psychic vampires on the internet… can’t remember by who though, it was a long time ago it was interesting

  19. Sleep paralysis is just the beginning
    When I was a lad of 15, I had wet the bed for all those years. The reason why was when I went to sleep I could not be woken from sleep. I some how was removed from this life to another place and would lose control of my bodily functions. I would remember utter darkness with monsters chasing me. Some times I could levitate above them out of their reach and other times I would run only to be bogged down by the slowing of time. The more I would try to get away the slower I would go until I would become immovable.

    Later in my late teens and early 20s while sleeping I had these sensations I was consciously awake and bathed in a greenish blue light. I would be sitting up in the bed and see myself laying there and I would know I was conscious of myself and would try to move my finger or hand but was unable to.

    Than in my 30s I experienced an alien abduction from sleep where I was immobilized and unable to move. I could move my eyes to see what the 3 aliens were doing but not any part of my body.

    Than in my 40s I was driving truck in arizona when a delta craft similar to a horton HO9 beamed a light source down on my truck as it banked to face my truck going 65 mph towards pheonix on I-10.

    Than in my late 40s and early 50s I had the sensation my soul was being extracated from my chest as I would drift into sleep. I would wake back up and pull my spirit back to my body. It was than I had OOB and NDE.

    Now into my late 50s I have very strange occult encounters. There is something here from somewhere else. I have no doubt of that.

  20. Sleep Paralysis
    For awhile I used to experience what people seem to refer to Sleep Paralysis, but I wasn’t fully awake. I think I just thought I was awake. I also never had a sense or feeling of anything or anyone being in my room or on my bed. When it happens I know I’m in my bed, but I do think I’m awake, but I’m not and for some reason I feel an urge to try to move but I can’t. It seems like I’m trying to move my arm, but I have no mobility. I want to scream or yell “Hey!” for someone to hear me, but I cannot. I can’t move my mouth or make any sound. It’s very strange. When I wake up for real, I feel the sensation of a continuous upward gust of wind. One time I woke up and got out of bed and I was trying to turn the light on, but I couldn’t find the light switch. I felt all over the wall and was dumbfounded. Where is the light switch? It wasn’t there. It turned out, I was dreaming that I got out of bed. Other times, I would dream that there are monsters or demons all around me. I’m not afraid of them, but I don’t really like being there or having these things around me. They are the strangest, and most hideous things I’ve ever seen. Sometimes there’s a black figure that accompanies the monsters and he’s not like them. He has a shape of a man and he’s totally black. When I look at it, it’s like I’m looking into an abyss. Just totally black that goes on forever. Usually when I see those monsters, I would recite The Lord’s Prayer in my dream and they go away and I wake up. When I go back to sleep, it’s a very deep sleep.These incidents have happened other places besides my current bedroom. They seem to have started when I lived at my previous apartment. But it also happened one time I was spending the night at my brother’s house.

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