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It is said that one in every five people will, at some stage, experience the terrifying phenomena that accompany ‘sleep paralysis‘. One of the most authoritative and fascinating books on the topic is David J. Hufford’s The Terror That Comes in the Night (Amazon US and UK – preview available at Google Books). Here’s a good video of Hufford discussing his research on (and personal experience with) sleep paralysis:

That clip is from a new documentary, Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault, which looks well worth checking out (and at $9.95 for a DVD, is pretty affordable). Experiencers and experts are interviewed, and advice offered on how to live with these waking nightmares, which in some cases come to dominate the lives of those experiencing them:

Victims wake to find that they are paralyzed and unable to move or speak. Many experience frightening visions of demons, shadows, or an old woman known as “The Hag”. For others there is simply the unmistakable presence of evil. In extreme cases, these potentially supernatural attacks can occur for decades. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and entirely alone, victims can lead shattered lives dominated by the fear of social stigma. Those who seek medical advice are often misdiagnosed and labeled psychotic or schizophrenic.

The DVD’s website has further video excerpts available for viewing, and also a forum for discussing the phenomenon. Worth noting as well is that Tim Binnall interviewed the guys behind the documentary – Andrew Barnes and Paul Taitt – last month on BoA Audio. At over two hours, it’s a good, detailed discussion on all aspects of sleep paralysis and the associated supernatural aspects of the experience.

Any TDG readers suffer from sleep paralysis? Would be good to hear from you, what it is you experience, and how you deal with it.