Results of Daily Grail Telepathic Precognition Study

This is an important day! I’ve been working on a research project for the past few weeks which I doubt has ever been done before – in fact, I’m pretty sure this is the first. It’s a precognition study, and the results have been astounding. I’ll explain as best I can.

Tomorrow, I’m going to sit down and concentrate really hard, then attempt to ‘broadcast’ telepathically to the global consciousness my deepest desires, asking for precognitive replies via email. Today, I’m posting the results of that experiment, and as you’ll see it’s had (or is that ‘will have’?) interesting results:

(a) Three weeks ago, I received an email from a web design studio from China, which was offering their services to the Daily Grail. As I’ve been under the hammer lately trying to find time for a redesign of the website, this is obviously an answer to that ‘desire’.

(b) Last week, I received an email from Mr Nejad Faeqah, a banker in Dubai, who was offering a ‘confidential business deal’ which would benefit me. My financial prayers were also answered! I have already deposited the $10,000 security deposit required by Mr Faeqah, and am expecting a substantial transfer into my bank account any minute now.

(c) A Miss Sofiar Labo sent me an intimate email wanting to begin a relationship, because – as she said – “Love is the most important in life”. While I am in fact very happily married, I marked this as a partial success because I’m not sure where in the timeline of my life this telepathic request may have reached Miss Labo from. Obviously telepathic, but was it precognitive? Hard to say.

d) An email from ‘Pharyngulite Phorever’ (a pseudonym) describes me as a “crazy f**kwad woo woo”, and offers his hope that “the non-existent grey aliens do land in [my] backyard, and rectally probe [me] with the rough end of a pineapple.” This one is just plain spooky. Unbelievably strong positive evidence!

So what do you think? Is my experimental protocol watertight? Or am I just a gullible fool? Look forward to your suggestions and criticisms.

Update: Yes, I am so very lame as to post an April Fool joke here on TDG. Consider it a morality tale, a parable if you will. Speaking of – it would be interesting to know if any Bible stories were written on April 1…

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  1. Gateway
    You’ll find that such telepathy only truly works just one day a year, and it’s part of a much greater cycle of time.

    The ancients knew this, by putting gateways in between this world and the other, linking it with April 30, and October 30. Nothing new there, I would think, and eveyone knows that.
    This is of course solar based. But we all know that the ancients also used the moon, which is linked with the cycles of 28 days. To cut a very long and complex analysis short, the sequence of March 21 to April 30, which is from equinox to Walpurgis Night, is subdivided into other sections, Easter being one, but April 1 being part of this subdivision.

    The same happens on the other side of the cycle, whereby the mathematicals do not end on October 1, but September 29 – linked with the Archangel Michael (who took over from Lucifer as leader of this Army) – and October 13 – which is well-known to be the date of the FALL of the Knights Templar. September 29 and October 13 both are located in the Fall, and Michael is, because he took over the Army of Angels upon the Fall of Lucifer.

    April 1 is therefore linked with the Rise, or Spring, which is expressed by the leaping salmons, and hence why many languages do not refer to April 1 as April’s Fool, but an “April Fish” – in Dutch, for example, “Aprilvis”.

    In short, on April 1, any psychic experiment, as you obviously did, but apparently unaware of the greater scheme of things upon which these need to be painted – and thus in your role of The Fool (of the Tarot) – is therefore reciprocally influenced by the settings of the sun and moons, creating this synchronous timegate, allowing you to access this information right here, right now. In short, your experiment has therefore proven something the ancients knew, but which few modern paranormal researchers pay attention to.

    See also research by Foolcanelli on this subject…

  2. Philip, that comment was top
    Philip, that comment was top notch man.

    I, too, have recently made a security deposit of $10,000 with a “Mr. John Thornlesby” from across the pond. He’s gonna make me rich!

    After seeing the results of your future experiment, Greg, I think the debunkers and skeptics will have much to answer for. Although we have to wait a few days for the experiment to finish, right? Or can you start spreading the results post-dated for yesterday? Oh shit, but you’re in Australia, right? So isn’t your yesterday my today? Or tomorrow? Aaaaaaah!

  3. You’re all nuts!
    But I still love you! Better than when Greg shut down the site (allegedly because of Homeland Security problems)! Must admit I had to read the ‘tomorrow’ and ‘today’ bit twice before the penny dropped – duh!

    Regards, Kathrinn

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