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‘Skunk Works’ takes on a whole new meaning when canine meets skunk…

  • The reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles, explained.
  • Newly discovered satellite galaxies may dethrone Newton’s theory of gravity.
  • Chandra X-Ray Observatory witnesses rare shockwave from nearby super massive black hole.
  • Would you drink water from a black hole?
  • Is there a rosetta stone for the newly discovered, ancient Indus Script?
  • The strange tale of Einstein’s brain and the man who cut it up with a bread knife.
  • Check robot-sniper-helicopter piloted by Xbox controller off Skynet’s grocery list.
  • Pluto returns! In Illinois, at least…
  • The cow genome has been sequenced and the farming revolution has begun. Napoleon and the pigs will be pleased.
  • A once theoretical molecule has been created in a lab.
  • The quiet sun and what it may foretell.
  • For some carbon-dioxide absorbing plants to thrive, it doesn’t take a green thumb – it takes pollution.
  • What do giant space tornadoes and the Earth’s auroras have in common? Wait — did someone just say giant space tornadoes?
  • The moon dust riddle has been answered.
  • Sea ice in Antarctic appears to be increasing as a result of the ozone hole. Wool and tinfoil hats for everyone!
  • China’s Great Wall just got a little greater.
  • Super-strength spider silk has arrived. Peter Parker’s ‘accident’ will take place during a field trip to the lab tomorrow.
  • And finally, Bohemian Rhapsody, by way of old computer parts.

Danke to Greg & RPJ!

Quote of the Day:

“Too much checking on the facts has ruined many a good news story…”