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Somewhere in there is the beginnings of the matrix. Post your thoughts.

  • 911: Study claims highly engineered explosive found in WTC rubble.
  • Scientist’s quake prediction was ignored.
  • UK is ideal home for electronic Big Brother.
  • The black hole at the heart of astronomy.
  • New exoskeleton gives soldiers super strength.
  • Biological battery powers up.
  • Solving the mystery of vanishing bees.
  • Salt lakes make dinosaurs reign on Earth.
  • It’s not a flying car, it’s a driveable airplane.
  • Misplaced mavericks.
  • Is Alzheimer’s the result of a burnt out brain?
  • Antarctic ice bridge linking ice bridge snaps.
  • Science and the afterlife.
  • Laser mapping may help solve the mystery of the Mima mounds.
  • Re-writing the history of the campaigns of Alexander the Great in India.
  • NASA pseudo-skeptic receives rebuttal from Electric Universe theorist.
  • Nubia: lost civilisation of Egypt.
  • Drug company pushes jet lag as a medical disorder.
  • Tiny rock excites astrochemists.

Quote of the Day:

Some people will never learn anything because they understand everything too soon.

Alexander Pope