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Long-time TDG reader Bill E. writes with some cool info on Et in Arkay Ego, an adventure quest set in the computer role-playing game world of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion:

The adventure is a freely downloadable modification (Mod) for the PC. The quest draws upon many themes found in the lore of the Grail and Arcadia. We are getting very positive feedback and the mod has been voted number 9 on the list of top Mod’s at Planet Elder Scrolls. Version 1.1 was recently released in early March. Here is the link to our trailer.

Players will experience a whole new side to the “Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” on an epic adventure into the soul of Tamriel. … As an adventurer in Tamriel (the in game continent where the quest occurs), you come across a collection of documents that hint at an amazing secret – that the God of Life is dead! Following an interesting trail of clues and quests, you will come across an underground society thought to have perished thousands of years ago. From the idyllic-minded Shepherds of Arkay, to the lore-minded Brothers of the Underground Stream, to a bard humorously singing your praises; “Et in Arkay Ego” is a mod unlike any other. For the discerning gamer, they will find a tale inspired by the lore of Arcadia and the quest for the Holy Grail. Do you dare seek the knowledge and power of a God?…

Thanks Bill. Great to see these sorts of mods being put together (the best I ever managed was a Quake mod which threw five times the gibs around…I failed at QuakeC). I know the Secret World folks have perused TDG once or twice as well – look forward to seeing more TDG-like themes cropping up in games in future.