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As mentioned earlier this week, the third instalment of our anthology Darklore is now available. I promised some sample articles from the new release, which I’ve just now added to the Darklore website in their original typeset format from the book, as PDF files. They are:

  • My investigation of near-death experiences from before their rise into the public consciousness with Raymond Moody’s book Life After Life. It’s titled (rather cleverly, if I do say so myself) “Death Before Life After Life“.
  • A wonderful examination of strange lights seen in the sky coincident with earthquakes – Geoff Falla’s “Shaking Stars“.
  • Mike Jay’s insightful look at the evolving public perception of cocaine, through the example of the world’s most famous fictional detective (and apparently world-class coke-head), Sherlock Holmes, in “Watson…the Needle!

Note that I’ve retained links to the sample articles from Volumes 1 and 2 on the website as well, for those that haven’t read them yet.

Also: if you missed the eye candy, I also posted earlier this week a bunch of gorgeous desktop wallpapers (in various sizes and formats), based on the cover of Darklore Volume 3.

And, because we would actually be very, very happy if you bought a copy, here’s the purchasing options once more:

The feedback on the Darklore series has been really positive, which makes all the hard work worth it. The best thing is I’m pretty sure Darklore Volume 4 will step things up a notch, with the plans currently underway!

(Note: As with Darklore Volume 2, Amazon seem to be sending out unrealistic delivery estimates to some purchasers. It’s a book they can source in 24 hours, so I’m not sure what causes this bug in their system. Given previous experience with it though, rest assured the delivery will be much earlier than they are predicting.)