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Crack the Skye Music

Regular readers will know that I love my prog rock and metal. Though there’s not going past those Tool folks (IMO…especially seeing as Blair mentions TDG and Darklore over there), this new album is certainly getting some spins on my stereos: Crack the Skye, by Mastodon. Great collection of tracks, awesome musicianship, and lyrics all about astral projection and such – what’s not to like (plus a bonus DVD with some behind the scenes looks at the making of the album). You can hear a bit more at the Crack the Skye website (warning: large-sized Flash preload), and “The Last Baron” which I posted here a couple of weeks ago. Or just buy the damn album already.

Oh, and great solos too. And who doesn’t love a good guitar solo…not enough of them these days I say.

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