Vallee’s Forbidden Science – Volume 2

Sometimes you have to keep your eye out to find the gold. While browsing Amazon a few days ago I noticed that our good friend, legendary ufologist Dr Jacques Vallee, has self-published Volume 2 of his memoirs/diary, Forbidden Science (also available at Amazon UK). The new release covers the years 1970 to 1979, whereas Volume 1 covered 1957 to 1969. I read Volume 1 quite a while ago, and enjoyed it immensely – not only does it cover some of the formative history of ufology from the perspective of a key participant, but it also gives you a glimpse of the ‘romantic’ within the scientist – Jacques’ personal reflections are sometimes more interesting than the ufological tales. I should actually reread Volume 1, as I originally looked at it when I wasn’t very knowledgable about UFO history, and so I probably missed a lot of important links. You can pick up Volume 1 from Amazon US and Amazon UK as well.

For the Vallee-philes out there, remember that Daily Grail Publishing recently republished his 1979 classic, Messengers of Deception, and Anomalist Books also did reprints of his classic ‘Alien Trilogy’ series. I’ll see if I can get Jacques to give us a little more information about Forbidden Science, if I can catch him standing still for long enough.

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