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UK UFO Files Part Three

The National Archives has released the third instalment of ‘UFO files’ transferred from the British Ministry of Defence. The newly released files – 7 in all, covering 1200 sightings in the period 1987 to 1993 – are available for download as PDFs from the National Archives website. Also available are documents giving a history of UFOs in the UK, a summary of the highlights of the newly released files, and also a podcast overview from UFO history expert Dr David Clarke.

Perhaps the most interesting sighting in this third instalment is the one by air traffic controllers at Heathrow, who saw a ‘boomerang’-shaped craft just a week after multiple witnesses in Lincolnshire sighted a triangular craft hovering and speedily taking off from the area. Also a lot of information about sightings in Scotland, widely thought to be due to activity by U.S. spy planes. Worth noting as well are the mistaken sightings, showing just how mundane activity can be conflated by some members of the public with extraterrestrial spacecraft.

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