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If scientists can swallow a hungry Jupiter perhaps scientists can accept that what goes in must come out, somehow. What does that make the Great Red Spot? And is homosexuality an indicator of the end of a species? Did the dinosaurs go gay? Post your thoughts.

  • MUFON to receive billionaire backing. Now MUFON can expensively not identify the flying objects.
  • The bald truth from the lost fringe conspiracy occultists of Americana.
  • Cannibalistic Jupiter ate its early moons. And maybe spat one out?
  • Quantum doughnuts slow and freeze light at will. But what do Dunkin Donuts do, besides make you sick?
  • Blue ducks to die out after male birds get together. Life finds a way….
  • Flat earthers smeared as climate change deniers. Accused of mental disorder.
  • Zapotec digs in Mexico show clues to rise and fall. And no, it was not the discovery of two male skeletons…
  • The bard or not the bard? That is the question. What about Wes Craven’s Romeo and Juliet? With Freddy Krueger as Juliet.
  • The Pantheon: a sundial?
  • Sail like an Egyptian: Oldest seafaring ships actually work. But would they be seafaring if they didn’t?
  • N132D’s electric arc.
  • Unidentified underwater anomalies.
  • Mystics under the microscope.
  • Cosmic strings could solve positron mystery.

Quotes of the Day:

You have to care about the truth to seek it, and not care about it to find it.