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The latest issue of Fortean Times (#247) is now available, with details available at the FT website:

Dead & Buried? – Strange tales of mummies, necromancers and corpses that come to life

Subjects of this month’s death-themed issue include holy necromancy in modern-day Finland, a Neapolitan cult of grannies who ‘adopted’ skulls, Victorian tales of people buried alive, a Spanish festival where the living parade in coffins, and our strange compulsion to personalise anonymous corpses.

Also this month we ask whether the unusual incidence of twins in a Brazilian town might be the work of Auschwitz’s ‘Angel of Death’, and whether a rotting cadaver on a Devon beach could be the remains of the Beast of Exmoor; we puzzle over reports of unusual thieves, including a man who was held captive by a ghost in a house he broke into, and a would-be car-jacker who turned into a goat; and we are disturbed by tales of pregnant women attacked and robbed of their unborn babies, and of a woman who discovered she had a worm living in her brain.

Remember you can find archived articles from previous issues, up to the minute Fortean news and reviews, and much more at the FT website.