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Hey look, Uri bought an island:

Relaxing in his luxury Thames-side mansion, Uri Geller, the world-famous spoon-bender, was suddenly riveted by an advert for the sale of a mystical Scottish island. But while the prospectus for Lamb Island, off the east coast of Scotland, listed the disadvantages – “it is completely bare, and uninhabitable because it’s so rocky, does not come with planning permission” – Mr Geller realised it was his chance to be part of a legend linking Robert the Bruce, King Arthur and the ancient kings of Ireland.

Mr Geller’s attraction to Lamb Island, a volcanic outcrop in the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh, is its claim to be one of the three “great pyramids of Scotland”, which mirror the layout of the pyramids at Giza, near Cairo in Egypt. The other islands are Craigleith and Fidra.

Last night Mr Geller, 62, who paid £30,000 for the island, said: “It might seem forbidding, but it is one of the keystones to British mythology, and I am thrilled to be its owner.

The fun part? The article in The Scotsman mentions the research of a regular Grailer, Jeff Nisbet. Jeff wrote about the island in an article for Atlantis Rising in 2002, which you can now find on his website: “The Pyramids of Scotland“. Not to mention another of his articles features a photo of a UFO over the island. Sounds perfectly Uri to me.

(And if that’s not enough weirdness for you – check out Filip Coppens’ website for more. Filip might even add my own contribution if he finds time…)