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Who would have thought that my 5-year-old son could exhibit more mature behaviour than the biggest science blogger on the planet

We made them cry!

We had a pointless poll post a while back where I pointed you at a silly site that asked what was the best evidence for the afterlife โ€” and you people triumphantly emphasized that there was no evidence.

Amusingly, the guy who runs the site is now whining about the attention we gave him.

…Oh, and of course he has deleted all of your votes from the old poll. We are victorious!

What an advertisement for science and reason Pharyngula is.

(Update: I’ve attempted to discuss the topic in the comments to the Pharyngula story (#40 and #97 being the initial attempts at dialogue), but it appears the intellectual high ground these days is fairly low-lying and swampy. Please note that I’m not advocating TDGers post comments there, just noting that I have commented there and been responded to, if you wish to read through the ‘discussion’. One day of that is enough though, so I’m moving on.)