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Moving the blogscan to Wednesday, in praise of Odin…

  • At SkepticBlog, Mark Edward gets dangerously close to breaking party-lines in his post on “Animal Telepathy“.
  • Robert McLuhan juxtaposes “Psi and Creationism” at Paranormalia.
  • At Binnall of America, Richard Thomas interviews paranormal and transhumanist pundit Mac Tonnies.
  • Episode 180 of The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe looks at 2008 in review. Did I make the list of the “worst promoters of woo”?
  • At Andy Gough’s Arcadia, Isaac Ben Jacob, Sara Fishberg and Jean de Niort investigate “The Scandal of the Cult of the Dead“.
  • Michael Shermer and Richard Dawkins debate how intelligent alien life would look.
  • Adam Korbitz asks whether Mars is hosting some life of its own at his Estimate of the Situation blog.
  • Alterati has an interview with Clifford Pickover on parallel universes, alien religions and Carl Jung.