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Movie site Rotten Tomatoes has posted a feature titled “Ten Sci-Fi Flicks for the Thinking Man“. Ignoring the passive sexism of the title, it’s a sure-fire conversation starter for any lover of science fiction films. RT’s Jeff Giles picked:

10. Planet of the Apes
9. Dark City
8. Sleeper
7. Gattaca
6. Primer
5. Children of Men
4. Solaris (1972)
3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
2. Blade Runner
1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

George Dvorsky of Sentient Developments took issue with a few of the picks (as most people probably would…we all have our favourites), and so posted his own list.

So, for Grailers out there: what’s your top ten? Or at least, what films aren’t on the list that you think should have been?