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Does parapsychological phenomena fascinated you? Would you like to approach the subject from a more rigorous scientific perspective? Dr Caroline Watts of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit at Edinburgh University is now offering an online parapsychology course:

This new short course (commenced September 2008) is taught entirely online and is open to anyone regardless of geographical location. It is a non-accredited course, meaning that there is no formal assessment or qualification gained, though regular participation is expected for award of the certificate. The programme consists of a ‘familiarisation’ week, followed by ten weekly modules covering key topics in parapsychology. The course aims to provide a balanced approach and stimulate critical thinking on each topic.

The course has been reviewed by participant Louis Sagnières over at Public Parapsychology. His comments are generally positive, although he does think the website interface could be streamlined to make it easier to use. Sounds like it would be an interesting few months!