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Angels and Demons: Path of Illumination

Sony Pictures have begun promotion of the movie adaptation Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons (a conspiracy thriller involving the Illuminati and the Vatican), with the official website as well as a multi-stage “Path of Illumination” contest. The movie website also features an early trailer, though it doesn’t show very much – more for setting the atmosphere than anything.

I’m afraid I won’t be playing the contest, as (a) it’s not open to those in Australia, and (b) it requires you to have a Windows Live account. Sometimes I’ll jump through a few hoops, but I really don’t feel like signing up to Microsoft in a blatant marketing move (requiring a Windows Live account, and a download of the new Photosynth program).

But feel free to share tips/hints in the comments thread to this story if you do enter. One thing perhaps worth noting – in the trailer, the words ‘Altars of Science’ is ‘hidden’ within the “Illuminati” ambigram.

(Cross-posted from The Cryptex, where you can find more information regarding Dan Brown’s *next* book, The Solomon Key)