Talking the Long Trip

UK author Paul Devereux, an expert on many of the mysteries of ancient cultures (from megaliths to shamanic culture, right through to ‘spirit roads’, earth lights and sacred usage of sounds), appeared on the “Behind the Paranormal” radio show last week discussing numerous aspects of his research. It’s a real treat, as Paul is usually so busy that he just doesn’t have time to do this sort of thing. I’ve been lucky enough to be professionally involved with Paul over the past year, with Daily Grail publishing issuing an updated edition of his classic book The Long Trip: A Prehistory of Psychedelia (available now from Amazon US and Amazon UK) – having also read his books on ‘earth lights’ (Earth Lights, and Earth Lights Revelation) previous to that experience, I can honestly say that Paul Devereux is somebody I could listen to all day. I’ll talk to Paul about posting some excerpts from The Long Trip here on TDG over the next couple of months, as the material throughout the book is fascinating and well-suited to the themes we cover here (better still, just pick yourself up a copy of the entire text, rather than only checking out the couple of excerpts I post here!).