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Robert Bauval is well known for his ‘Orion Correlation Theory‘ (the hypothesis that the three pyramids at Giza are laid out to mimic the three stars of Orion’s ‘belt’), and recently extended his thoughts on the matter in his book The Egypt Code (Amazon US and UK) . You can read my interview with Robert about the book and his research here on TDG.

Robert has already begun work on his next book, which looks to extend his heretical hypothesis further into prehistory. Co-written with Thomas Brophy, the book is titled Black Genesis, and Robert recently discussed the topics covered in an interview with his webmaster Richard ‘Fuzzy’ Fusniak. Although an audio interview, Fuzzy has overlaid the audio with helpful maps and graphics, so I’ve embedded the YouTube video of the interview below.

Robert discusses the importance of the prehistoric ‘calendar circle’ at Nabta Playa to the new book, no doubt providing a link to his own theories about the importance of astronomy/sky-watching to ancient Egyptian culture (as well as Tom Brophy’s own theories). In short, and in Robert Bauval’s own words, the aim of Black Genesis “is to prove that the origins of ancient Egypt comes from black African prehistoric cultures…what we thought was original to the pyramid builders, was in fact practiced by a prehistoric black African culture in the Sahara, thousands of years before.”

As if Robert hasn’t already beaten the beehive of Egyptology enough, this new book is sure to generate some controversy. Beyond inducing apoplexy in Dr Zahi Hawass, Black Genesis may well reignite the controversial Afrocentrism debate.

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