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The mystery over the origin of the ‘CARET UFO Drone’ photos has taken another interesting turn, with the mid-season finale of the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (a spin-off of the successful Terminator movie franchise) featuring images of both the craft and the strange font/language used on them (and in the CARET schematics). Emps has more at Cabinet of Wonders, including video from the episode showing the craft (at the end of the clip).

So, were the drones a Terminator viral marketing campaign gone wrong? Or is it a viral marketing plan that is still growing, leading up to the release next year of the next instalment in the movie franchise, Terminator 4 (starring Christian Bale as John Connor)? Or…have the Terminator folks just cashed in on an already widespread meme? Where does this leave the Alienware computer models which used the font? So many questions…but are they really worth pursuing? Perhaps it’s time to let this thing die.

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