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Author-researcher Filip Coppens has helpfully written a comprehensive summary of the history and current state-of-play of the controversial ‘Bosnian Pyramid’ discovery and excavation. Filip – who has visited the pyramid/hill, as well as having immersed himself in the literature concerning the site – concludes in favour of the ‘man-made’ hypothesis, and says that it will have an immense impact on the current historical paradigm:

So, all false perceptions and ego-trips aside, it is clear that the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids has much validity and will rock the old pyramid paradigm in years to come. But the research project will continue to be controversial for some time longer. What the Foundation needs is more time — just as it took Howard Carter several years before he located Tutankhamen’s tomb. Progress is slow, but obvious.

In time, the Bosnian pyramids will not only be added to the new paradigm of pyramid structures that appear across the world, but they will also reveal a new dimension to the Vinca culture and show that the pyramids are European, rather than Egyptian, in nature. Either way, a new page is being added in the development of civilisation.

As I’ve mentioned previously, with due respect to Filip’s (more informed) view, I still haven’t seen anything which would convince me either way. The hill certainly looks geometric (though this seems to require one particular viewing of it, going by the photos I’ve seen – the southern and western aspects don’t look nearly as convincing), and viewing Google Earth the alignment of the north face looks rather accurate. On the other hand, the much-hyped ‘paths’ and ‘blocks’ often cited and photographed simply look like natural geological structures to me (and some I think appear to have been ‘enhanced’ during excavation).

I’d be more than happy to be convinced at a later point though – while I retain my skepticism on the ‘Bosnian Pyramid’, I look forward to being convinced by more evidence!

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