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The third issue of the new journal Time and Mind has just been released for purchasing, and has a lot of content which TDG readers will no doubt be interested in. Articles include:

  • “Music and Altered States: Consciousness, Transcendence, Therapy and Addictions”, by Benny Shanon.
  • “Midsummer Sunset at Neolithic Jericho”, by Ran Barkai and Roy Liran.
  • “Encoding a Neolithic Landscape: The Linearity of Burial Monuments along Strumble Head, South-west Wales”, by George Nash.
  • “The Observance of Light: A Ritualistic Perspective on ‘Imperfectly’ Aligned Passage Tombs”, by Robert Hensey.

Remember that you can check out the quality of the magazine by downloading some of the fascinating articles from Issue 1, which are available free of charge.