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Tales of Crowleyana

We’ve mentioned previously the movie Chemical Wedding, a fictional story about the return of ‘The Great Beast’, Aleister Crowley, written by Bruce Dickinson (lead singer for Iron Maiden). There’s currently a very interesting video on YouTube by Julian Doyle, who directed Chemical Wedding (and was also responsible for the editing on a number of Monty Python/Terry Gilliam classics) – Doyle recently filmed his visit to the Crowleyana collection of Gerald Yorke, a former friend and disciple of Crowley who amassed a huge collection of Beast-related items during his lifetime.

Doyle chats with Yorke’s sons John and Michael about their father’s famous collection (the Rolling Stones even visited), telling many a fascinating tale along the way – everything from evil magic wands calling for blood, through to spells on vellum ‘treated’ by certain other bodily chemicals. I’ve embedded the video below for those interested – wonderful to hear these eyebrow-raising stories from ostensibly ‘proper’ British gentlemen!

Those early documents of L. Ron Hubbard sound especially intriguing, would love to see what they say. Mr Yorke will probably find a line of Scientology suits marching down his driveway tomorrow…

You can check out the trailer for the movie at YouTube, or purchase the book from Amazon. (h/t David at Boing Boing)