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Darklore Volume 2 Released!!

I’m very pleased to announce that Darklore Volume 2 is now officially available for sale! As with Volume 1, there are two versions to choose from – the limited edition hardcover, or the cheaper paperback. Due to an unbelievable amount of requests (and some abuse to boot), the limited edition run has been increased to 333 copies this time around – but, considering the number of email requests I’ve had about it, I doubt even that number will last too long. Here’s the purchasing information for Amazon US and UK, and a purty picture of the cover of Darklore Volume 2 as well:

In Volume 2 we’ve got another stellar line-up of writers and researchers in the topics of hidden history, the paranormal, the occult and strange science. Professor Stephen Braude writes about the ‘Fear of Psi’, Theo Paijmans shares some of his groundbreaking new research into UFO/ET reports from the 19th century, Nick Redfern discusses the mysteries of Loch Ness (besides that well-known beastie), Jon Downes looks at the history of Japanese soldiers who fought on after the official end of World War II, Paul Devereux teaches some little known history about European witchcraft and psychedelics, Mike Jay provides some startling new insights into the beginnings of Illuminati lore, and I write about the occult underpinnings of modern rock music. *Gasp for air* Also: Michael Tymn tells the fascinating story of an early ‘near death experience’, Mac Tonnies ponders on whether UFOs are the vanguards of a post-biological intelligence, Neil Arnold reveals the chilling history of the ‘Bennington Triangle’, Michael Prescott recounts the mysterious afterlife case involving the R-101 airship accident, Filip Coppens has the inside story of the discovery of the crystal skull, Regan Lee discusses Mothman, Blair MacKenzie Blake shares his thoughts on the possible role of DMT in magick, and The Emperor points out the links between paranormal events and strange fogs and mists.

As I’ve previously pointed out, Darklore is a unique publication in that it funnels the profits from each sale directly back to contributors – those who deserve it most. As such, it strengthens the research community, and allows those researchers to continue providing information online and in other formats. On behalf of them all, I thank you for your support of Darklore, and know you’ll absolutely love the latest release.

I’ll try and post a few sample articles before the end of the week on the Darklore website, for those wanting an appetiser before the main meal. Remember that Volume 1 is of course still available too – three sample articles from Vol. 1, and purchasing information, are available at the website link above.

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